About ACCS

American Chartered Computer Scientists Association (ACCS) ® is a professional body and a learned society focused on professionals working in information technology (IT) and computer science (CS), both in the United States and internationally.

The History

The group was first organized in Palo Alto, California, United States, in early 1975, as the unincorporated American Society for Computing & Technology (ASCT). However, it soon began to had many members throughout the state. The primary purpose was to create networking opportunities for the current professionals working in the sector by conducting conferences and events so that they could communicate and collaborate, with like and unlike-minds, Highlighting the issues being faced by everyone in the industry and coming up with solutions for them and the most important to kickstart innovation.

During its journey, ASCT collaborated with many other sister concern societies in many national and international forums.

Decades later, ASCT was merged with two other US-based societies National Institute of Data Processing (NIDP) and the Society for Better Machine Learning (SBML).

With the merger of all three societies, an Association was formed, and ASCT changed its name to the American Chartered Computer Scientists Association (ACCS)®.

ACCS made its footmark in more than 50 countries throughout its journey of years, delivering the member value and most advanced computer science qualification being offered worldwide. 

ASCT Group Photo In the Year 1975 Palo Alto, California, United States
The First "Computer Programmers Conference" by ASCT in the year 1978
Members Conference. March 8th 1986. Chicago, IL
Members Conference Palo Alto, CA Feb 2nd 1988.
Dr.Clark Stephen with Members and officials at California Research Center September 5th 1990.
Members Conference Washington, D.C. July 10th 1995
Members Conference Philadelphia, PA. July 10th 2002

The Top Objects At ACCS Which Make It Possible For Us To Raise Standards And Realize Greater Potential In The Technology Industry.

Supporting careers

We are developing a sustainable and diverse sustainable technology profession with opportunities for development and progress at each step.

Share of Expertise

We offer an environment, a space where you can communicate and collaborate with like and unlike-minds to kickstart innovation.

Improving education

We equip society with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to remain adaptive and flourish in the digital world.

Influencing The Practice

We tackle the most complex issues in IT, connecting industry, education, and government to shape policy and bring about ethical change.

Driving Standards

We bring out the best in people, recognizing talent at every level through our professional registration, qualifications, and frameworks.

What We Do

Delivering member value

Our members are trained to think critically. They are leaders in the organizations they work in worldwide, helping them prosper and grow in a responsible and ethical way. Members the highest professional values and ethics that our brand reputation relies on.
We invest in development programs to keep our members at the top of their game. Those who carry the ACCS designations share a commitment to behaving ethically and to maintaining their professional competence. Our research and insight make sure they stay at the cutting edge of the profession. Moreover, we regulate our members, so employers know they are working to internationally updated and advanced standards.

Our qualification

For members, our qualifications open opportunities to satisfying IT work all over the world. For employers, they are the hallmark of the advanced professionals they need to grow businesses and organizations.
ACCS Qualification delivers the cross-sector IT knowledge, skills, and professional and ethical values needed in all organizations and every industry.

Defining the future

We have developed an international network including members, academics, employers, and opinion formers. We tap into their experience and insight to identify and explore global trends and issues for business, technology, society, and the profession as a whole. This allows us to create the professionals that our fast-changing world needs and gives us insight into our organization.

Building our profession

We help to shape public policy, as well as demonstrating thought leadership in education, training, and ethics. We work at national and international levels to share our understanding and advice on advanced legislation. We play a fundamental role in developing Global Educational Standards.

Adding value to society

The IT profession is crucial to keeping economies stable and helping them to develop.
We actively take the ACCS Qualification into areas of the world where it is needed for economic growth.

We work on a wide range of capacity-building projects to strengthen IT skills and infrastructure. We also promote compliance with international standards across the world.

We use our voice on both national and international technology forums to shape and strengthen our profession, now and in the future.

Protecting the public interest

We believe the IT profession can make the economies grow. Through our collaborations with employers, the international donor community, and other bodies, we work together to boost trade, grow the investment climate, and make sure IT professionals worldwide are working with the same advanced TECH knowledge.

ACCS Values


To be credible and authoritative, we have to be judged by the highest standards. Therefore, we are accountable and ethical in all things we say and do, always stick to our code of conduct and practice.


We look forward with the belief that everyone can do better. This means challenging the circumstances and being controversial always with the desire to build a much better future.


Our energy, passion, and belief in making a positive difference to the skills of Tech professionals and leaders, we are always giving our best to deliver value to our stakeholders.


Our knowledge and expertise make us quick and smart to respond in a grounded in the real world. This allows us to simplify complex issues to promote understanding and best practices.

We drive change in the TECH sector – advising governments, organizations and regulators and working with our members around the world to push an agenda of fairness and transparency. When you are an ACCS member, you help us to shape the future of TECH and business.

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When you choose to study with ACCS, you choose a future full of possibilities. We are committed to your success. That is why ACCS is the number one choice for IT and CS students worldwide.

Why Choose Computing As A Career?

Computer Science is an inspiring, challenging, and growing field that impacts the globe and daily life in infinite ways.

Future Of Computer Science

With the fast-changing connected world, computer science is a crucial area for future careers across the world.