ACCS Approved Employer Program (AEP)

What Does The Program Do?

The ACCS Approved Employer Program (AEP) recognizes employers’ highest standards of workforce training and development.
We assure our students, affiliates, and members have the right skills, ethics, and competencies to add value and drive businesses around the globe ahead.

Employer support

Employers play a crucial role in ensuring they have access to regular professional development and support. If your business upholds the top levels of employee support, you may be able to become an ACCS approved employer. There are many benefits, from promoting your business to aiding talent acquisition and involvement in our research and insight

Reward and recognition

We want to recognize and reward those organizations that support the ACCS Qualification. When building our relationships with Approved Employers, we make sure that the highest standards for employers, members, and students are met.

What do our employers think?

  • 81% say their Approved Employer status helps them attract and retain good quality graduates and computer science employees.
  • 75% say their Approved Employer status is essential to them.
  • 72% say their Approved Employer status offers significant benefits to their computer science employees.

About the program

Advantages of approval

How to apply

Ready To Apply?

Get started

If you have made your decision regarding level(s) and stream(s) and already got your supporting information, then it is time to apply. Please note that we work on a 15-day turnaround.