Could You Be An Advocate For ACCS?

We are proud to have you as an ACCS member and hope you are proud of your achievements and the ACCS letters you have worked so hard to gain…

If You Find Yourself Regularly Speaking To Colleagues And Friends About The Pride, You Feel About Being An ACCS Member, Thank You! You Already Part Of Our Community Of Advocates.

ACCS Advocacy Benefits

Becoming an advocate is a beneficial situation for you individually and collectively for ACCS as your membership body.

Support Us Developing A Culture Of Advocacy

Support us spread the word and develop a culture of advocacy within the ACCS community and create a sense of honor around membership and what it means to the members.

What Is Advocacy For ACCS, And What Does It Involve?

Advocacy means promoting and publicly supporting ACCS, including:

  • Sharing about your journey to membership with students at school or university
  • representing ACCS at a conference
  • telling fellow workers about ACCS training
  • getting featured in publications and magazines
  • sharing our Professional Insights on social media

Looking forward to the future – leading the way

Working together with our members worldwide, ACCS supports shaping the profession and keeping your designation at the forefront of upcoming challenges. Be part of the community of advocates who formally and informally promote and publicly support ACCS worldwide. We have an ongoing list of advocacy resources to help you on this journey.

Help Nurture The Next Generation Of Computer Scientists

Advocacy comes from pride. We believe you are proud of your achievements and association with ACCS. However, are you also proud to tell people of the great work we do and the part you play as a member?
Public value and opportunity are core values we are proud of because they play an essential part in changing people’s lives. You may have experienced first-hand how ACCS can have a positive impact on an individual’s life. Moreover, by promoting ACCS, you may help to change someone’s life in the future by nurturing the next generation of TECH professionals.

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