ACCS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme for its members; it supports you in your career by helping you identify your future learning needs.

Why Is Continuing Professional Development So Important?

A foundational shift is underway. Professionals across all industries recognize the need to embrace a mindset of ‘lifelong learning to deal with increasingly complex business structures. The move in skills needed to perform is dynamic; we are all well-advised to ‘learn, unlearn and relearn’ to keep up to date.

Change is the new constant

With the rate of change in the IT profession accelerated by digital disruption, CPD is essential for remaining relevant and meeting the developing demands of the business. Continuing Professional Development will ensure you are highly qualified with the right skills to support your organization’s growth, a leader of the profession, resilient, adaptable, and employable.

Why continuing professional development?

  • It Boosts your professional competence.
  • Enhances your employability and opens up new career opportunities.
  • It builds a network of peers.
  • Make you grow personally and professionally.
  • Develop and mind fit for the most advanced and digital age.

What Counts As Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Any activity supporting you in developing your Technical, digital, business, and leadership skills or enhancing your understanding of integrity, ethics, and professionalism could count as CPD.

  • Work-based learning
  • Project work
  • Coaching and mentoring/being coached/mentored
  • Academic and professional qualifications
  • Internal and external training courses
  • Conferences and events
  • Local ACCS events
  • Reading technical reports and journals
  • Online learning
  • Research

CPD Requirements

To unlock your potential, you need to take ownership of your professional development and establish a learning plan that helps you meet your current role requirements and prepare for any future roles.

How Do I Pursue Continuing Professional Development?

To help structure your development, all ACCS members are required to work through the Continuing Professional Development cycle at least once a year. It helps you define what you need to do, assess your current capabilities and identify gaps in your knowledge and skills, develop a plan to fill those gaps, take action by working your way through the training, then; as a result, reflects on what you have achieved and evaluate what you still need to do.

1. It Defines current and desired roles recognizing expectations of employers and others.

2. It Assess development needs to establish knowledge or skill gaps.

3 and 4. Designs and act – pick and undertake development activities that meet all your development requirements.

5. It Reflects upon and documents the outcome of every development activity.

6. It Evaluates development against the goals and objectives set at the starting of the year. Any omitted development can be carried forward into the upcoming cycle.

To get the most out of your development, you should regularly revisit your plan and work your way through the CPD cycle.

when should i start?

There is no better time than now. Here is how to plan your CPD journey.

  • Start planning and recording your CPD soon after you are an ACCS member.
  • Keep on learning and record your activities.
  • If selected for monitoring, submit your 12-month CPD record.

Have a question?

For more information on ACCS’s CPD policy, email cpd@accsworld.org