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ACCS Qualification Is Recognized Worldwide

ACCS Qualification is recognized worldwide as the most relevant global qualification for a career in Tech.

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Valuing your Talent

Valuing your Talent is a synergetic, industry-led evolution to develop a better understanding and recognition of how people develop and drive value in tech and business.

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We encourage employers to invest more strategically in their people, investors to recognize human resources as a key element of business, and workers to get benefits from better opportunities and better fulfillment at work.
Above all, we seek a key shift in businesses and investors’ mindset, driving a shared interest in transforming how we value our people.

Business decision making and the human dimension.

The range of data available to businesses continues to grow. Varied process owners across the business already capture much data. Developments in Big Data provide opportunities to connect and determine additional data sources that may have the capability to inform decision-making in a better way.
The better practice in decision-making is moving to an insight-driven process based on an understanding of data. It sets out the kind of queries that can be answered by analytics and looks at how to work with data both to gain a better understanding and to support decision making.

The Global Principles delivered by ACCS, giving your organization a practical framework to improve decision-making and drive value.

By using the principles, your organization will have better insight, more relevance, improved analysis, and increased levels of trust. This will galvanize better-informed decision-making, which will lead to more sustainable and valuable business.

Quality decision-making has never been more essential – or more difficult. Innovations and innovators disrupt the status quo. The volume and velocity of unstructured data are increasing in complexity.
The Global principles were created for this era of business. They reflect the perspective of CEOs, academics, regulators, government bodies, and other professionals across the Globe.

The purpose of the principles

The purpose of the Principles is to advance decision-making in businesses through the supply of best-quality tech information. They further support you in benchmarking your organization against best practices.

The Principles are:

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