Get Skills You Need For Taking Your Business Ahead.

American Chartered Computer Scientists Association® (ACCS) Charter holders add value to your business by combining IT and business management skills to inform critical decisions.

Businesses all over the world operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. ACCS charter holders are the most trusted computer science professionals worldwide with the expert skills wanted to meet the business needs globally. They help businesses by using their knowledge and expertise to identify opportunities to preserve and create value for shareholders and all the stakeholders. In the end, they are trusted to guide critical business decisions and drive strong business performance.

Expertise and skills your business needs

ACCS produces work-ready strategic TECH professionals who have the technical ability and the essential skills to excel in any sector, industry, and anywhere in the world. This is why 93% of employers say ACCS members have the skills needed to drive their businesses ahead.

Whether you are interested in getting your workforce through the ACCS Qualification or thinking about employing an ACCS student or member, our Framework can help you understand our qualification and what our people can provide for your business. Whether accessed by a personal computer, phone, or tablet here are some of the reasons our Framework can help you.

Supporting Your Recruitment And Development Of Staff

By matching the competencies gained through the ACCS Qualification to several specific job roles you will see precisely what roles ACCS members can benefit your organization and develop your staff with the right skills. In addition, the competencies can help you create a benchmark to evaluate your resources and any gaps in your current IT capabilities.

Managing The Performance Of Existing Employees

The capabilities clearly outline the current requirements in different areas of the day-to-day job of professional roles. This can help you manage the performance of existing staff and set individual employee goals that can be achieved as they move ahead in their ACCS Qualification.


ACCS build on Computer Science, adding value through their understanding of how the different parts of a business come together. They take a strategic perspective, looking outside the organization and to the future.

With their business insight, ACCS Charter holders can translate complex information and communicate it effectively. As a result, they enable their organizations to act entrepreneurially – to solve problems, take the right decisions, fund them adequately and implement them successfully.

ACCS professionals are TECH professionals who can link the board’s objectives and the rest of your organization, guide critical business decisions, and create sustainable business success. They embody adaptability, mobility, and leadership.

“The IT support provided by the ACCS trainees has led to a 70% increase in leads generated. ACCS people bring a range of unique skills that we can take to the clients’ doorstep. In addition, ACCS people are intuitive – they do not have a predefined view of models – they see the broader content but grounded in fact.”

Abhay Banarjee,
Partner, Data Science Advisory – Wipro India.

Delivering Much More Than Just IT Knowledge

We make sure our qualifications remain relevant, and the learning experience of candidates matches the real world of business and technology. We are working closer than ever before with employers globally to make sure our qualifications deliver confident and competent employees and are fit for purpose.