Managing Your ACCS Account

What Is ACCS Account?

ACCS Account provides customized information and services relevant to the qualification and level you are studying.

What Is An ACCS Account Used For?

You can use ACCS Account for:

  • Making changes to your employment and contact details.
  • Making secure payments for your exams and annual subscription fees using a debit or credit card.
  • Printing invoices and receipts for transactions you made.
  • Canceling or changing exams.
  • Signing up to receive your exam results online and/or view your results.

Logging In To Your ACCS Account.

You may log in by entering your student (ID) registration number and password.

Keeping Your Contact Details Up To Date

You can receive all your exam results from us online. It is a convenient and quick way for you to receive all the essential information you require.

Make sure to give out an up-to-date email address and mobile number for us to contact.

You may review and update your contact details online through your online ACCS Account. You can also update us with your new details by contacting ACCS with your change of details.

If you get your name changed through deed poll, you will need to inform ACCS  immediately in writing. Please provide copies of your documentation via email or in writing and send copies of the relevant certificates.

Preferred Methods Of Communication at ACCS

The preferred way of communicating with you is through your online ACCS account and email, and we are now moving all our account holders to these methods. However, ACCS reserves the right to issue all communications and documentation via email and ACCS Account only, so please make sure your contact details are updated.

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ACCS Members

As an ACCS member, you have access to a range of benefits and services. Click on the link below to explore.