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Show your value to the world

Being part of the world’s largest and leading professional body of Chartered Computer Scientists, you possess the most relevant qualification for computer science. Your designation letters show your expertise, skills, and experience worldwide, connect you to a community of like-minded people and show you are committed to lifelong development, learning, professionalism, and ethics.

ACCS Mentoring Program

The ACCS Mentoring Program aims to make impactful connections that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Become An ACCS Advocate

Support us in developing a culture of advocacy within the ACCS community and create a sense of pride around membership.

Managing Your Membership

To Make Sure Everything Continues To Run Smoothly, Please Keep In Mind to

Maintain your contact details up to date.

You need to keep your account details up to date always, so we can send you all the essential information about new benefits, services, and your membership.
Updating your email, job role, organization, or home address is easy. Simply log into your ACCS account and update online. You may change your communication consent settings whenever you like. Then, if you prefer, you can notify us by post, fax, or email by contacting ACCS.
If you ever change your name by marriage or deed poll, you need to let us know in writing.

Renewing your membership

In return for the member benefits we offer, we charge an annual subscription. This also helps to support ACCS members and promoting on the global podium. Your annual subscription is payable on January 1st each year.

There are 2 steps to keep your membership active. Each year you need to:

  • Paying your annual subscription

As an ACCS member and professionally qualified computer scientist, keeping your skills up to date helps you achieve your career ambitions and add value to your clients or employer.

You will be removed from the ACCS register if the subscription is not completed each year.

“If I had not been ACCS qualified, I would not have been offered the role which I have today. ACCS membership opens doors for everyone.”

Wing Jiang (ACCS) – Chief Technology Officer, Infosys Hong Kong

Annual subscriptions

Your annual subscription is due by January 1st. Please login to your ACCS account for more information.

Membership benefits

As a part of the world’s largest and leading professional body of Computer Scientists, you have the most relevant qualification for business. In addition, you get access to a wide range of benefits and services - explore what is available to you and ensure you are making the most of your membership.


ACCS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme for its members; it supports you in your career by helping you identify your future learning needs.

Administration forms

Easily find all the right forms you require to help manage your membership. It is super easy and convenient. Just sign in to your ACCS online account to access it..

Member register

Becoming a member is a fantastic achievement. Click the link below for all the information you require to keep your place on the register of members.
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