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Member Benefits

Your Path To Endless Opportunities Begins Here

You are Part Of The World’s Leading Professional Body Of Chartered Computer Scientists.

As an ACCS member, you are recognized as an IT expert with highly sought-after professional skills and ethical values. You are committed to realizing your capacity, making the most of each opportunity, and defining success as per your terms.
We are here to support you through each stage of your professional life. Our resources – including cutting-edge insights, networking events, and access to the latest information – make it easier for you to boost your career. Moreover, by connecting with our global community peers, you can share knowledge and open doors to opportunities.
We at ACCS support our members, and in turn, our member develops their career and help shape the future of the profession itself.

Few Highlighted Membership Benefits But Not Limited To.

Image Of Excellence

Employers all around the world seek our members because of the high standards they meet.

Leading organizations recognize that having the ACCS letters after your name guarantees expertise and an ethical way of thinking, underpinned by inclusion, innovation, and integrity.
The ACCS Qualification is designed to create future generations of computer scientists who understand how to interpret, communicate and act the best possible way. Our standards of achievement are highly valued by employers globally. They seek out our members and help them develop their talent even further, and we make sure that you receive the highest standards in training and development through our Approved Employer program.
We make sure that you stay at the leading edge of the profession by getting access to the best resources and exciting opportunities for continuing professional development.

Global voice

You are trusted as a force for the public good by societies around the world.

Our international reach, influence, and diversity give us the most potent global voice in the profession, and we use it to benefit our members, our global community, and the public good.
ACCS members are trusted to help influence policy and pave the way for international thought leadership. Depending on your career path.
Our Members obtain added membership value through our network of partnerships all around the world – who are central to delivering our services and services qualifications worldwide.


We think ahead to make sure you stay at the leading edge of the profession.

Our progressive approach is committed to leading the profession into the future. This means that you are at the cutting-edge of emerging trends intelligent insights, and we will stay in touch to make sure that you are always up to date and in demand.
You get access to all the latest content – including engaging articles, videos, podcasts, and webinars – through our latest TECH app and accompanying website. In addition, the innovative app can be customized to ensure you receive the most relevant content, whether by topic or region.
Our digital learning resources also include regular virtual conferences and progressive online learning, and you can connect with other members online through various social media platforms, giving you forums to share knowledge and insights.

Ethical reputation

Member’s commitment to our ethical values makes us a powerful force.

We believe that TECH plays an essential role in every society. That is why we are committed to developing the body whose members responsibly adhere to a strong code of ethical values.
The body assures that your ethical practices are well-informed across a range of different topics.

Visionary insights

Members have the best opportunities to build the future of the profession.

Our industry-leading insights teams explore the challenges that we face today so that you get prepared for tomorrow. We challenge, we lead, and we boldly prompt people to think in new ways.
What we discover molds global thought leadership and helps you establish yourself at the cutting-edge of the profession. We think ahead and share valuable insights through reports, presentations, events, and videos; we also help you understand their impact to act strategically and influence outcomes.
Professional Insights round table events also allow our members to discuss leading current issues and future challenges while gathering your feedback and insights to help support our internationally acclaimed reports.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning helps our members achieve success throughout their careers.

“Continuing Professional Development” is the foundation of our approach to support you grow your professional career. This unleashes your potentiality while developing and maintaining the skills you require to grow further professionally.
Members have the opportunity to continue learning through our wealth of relevant Continuing Professional Development activities. Because we think forward, our innovative online learning helps expand your knowledge and shape the profession’s future. This means you stay ahead of the curve – empowering you to progress.

Global connections

Members have the opportunity to work abroad and make productive connections globally.

The global community of members at ACCS is open and inclusive – offering you creative insights, unrivaled connections to expert support, and bold career prospects.
International career opportunities at ACCS give our members the chance to work abroad and make new connections worldwide. Moreover, through our mentoring program, you will gain expert guidance on excelling in a wide range of roles, sectors, and industries.