Studying ACCS Planning Your Journey

Planning your journey

There are many ways to start your ACCS journey. Our qualifications are flexible – you will be able to learn in your manner, at your own pace. Moreover, you will be able to take exams at a time that suits you.

We are here to support you each step of the manner, whether with the best study resources, facilitating basic IT information, or answering queries.

Tuition and study options

What is the simplest way to study?

We suggest going with one of our Approved Learning Partners. They provide the best quality tuition – and our analysis shows that students who study with approved learning providers have more chances to pass their exams.

We frequently assess all of our approved learning partners to ensure their tuition is of world-class quality.

Options to study?

You may study online or face-to-face – and regular or part-time, looking at your available time.

Face-to-face: You may register for regular, part-time, or revision courses with an (ALP). This is a helpful way to be on track together with your studies and meet other ACCS students.

Online: This offers you the flexibility to find the right pace for you – and from time to time, that works for your schedule. This can be a great option if you are studying with regular employment.

Blended: This is a mixture of each way of learning. It offers you the flexibleness of studying whenever and wherever suits you – leveraging the advantages of online study in addition to having face-to-face time with a certified tutor.

Schedule an exam

Follow our simple steps. It is simple to schedule your exams - either over the web or over the phone. Follow our steps and get an exam date in your diary to assist you in staying targeted and on a path.

Why choose Computing as a career?

Computer Science is an inspiring, challenging, and growing field that impacts the globe and daily life in infinite ways.


When you choose to study with ACCS, you choose a future full of possibilities. We are committed to your success. That is why ACCS is the number one choice for IT and CS students worldwide.

Future of Computer Science

With the fast-changing connected world, computer science is a crucial area for future careers across the world.

Top 8 study tips:

Make a practical study plan set up and stick with it. Analyze what quantity of time you would like to spend and how much you would like to learn from every session. Do not forget; you will require time to revise for your exams and create a separate revision plan.

Set goals and make sure you have time available to cover everything you need. When you set targets, remember to keep working on your social life and any other commitments in mind.

Try to study somewhere in a calm environment where you have no interruptions. If you are very tempted to turn on the television at your place, try to study at the library, your workplace, or another spot where you may keep yourself focused.

Be happy with your achievements and honest concerning your strengths and weaknesses. Avoid concentrating your studies on the areas you are brilliant at and pay time coping with the areas you find a bit more complicated.

Use a spread of study materials and ways. Once you have worked through a chapter of your textbook, switch to some practice tests, or read a couple of articles on your morning commute. No matter what you do, change it up a bit. It will keep you interested and on your toes.

According to our survey, students who follow structured tuition are more likely to excel in exams. Find an Approved Learning Partner close to you.

If you are currently working, tell your employer about appearing in exams. Your employer may be able to offer you study leave or any other support.

Keep yourself motivated and stick with your study schedule, but it is also good to relax and take your eyes off your studies. You will also have access to the Study Planner without any additional cost. You will be able to create your online study plan and access the best exam resources, materials, articles, and much more.