ACCS University Partnership

We welcome accreditation applications from all colleges and universities that are providing tertiary-level education for programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We work with all ACCS university partners to create new opportunities for your faculty to tap into potential research grants, sponsorships, conferences, resources, and networking opportunities with academics and ACCS members worldwide.

Becoming An ACCS University Partner

ACCS University Partners are selected universities that offer their students the chance to gain a globally recognized computer science qualification in addition to their bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Some Of The Main Advantages You will love As An ACCS University Partner:

  • Students sit for ACCS and degree exams together.
  • Early award of exemptions.
  • Potential to achieve dual awards.
  • Demonstrate value and employability.
  • Support students beyond their degree.

ACCS global support

The Global ACCS Center of Excellence (COE) is working with and providing resources to universities worldwide.
By providing these resources to computer science faculty worldwide, we will foster innovative TECH and academic-valued solutions through partnerships, consultation, best practices, policies, and training.

ACCS Excellence Awards

The new ACCS Excellence Awards was launched early this year to recognize university and academic partners who have worked tirelessly to equip ACCS-qualified graduates and students for future-ready careers.

Academic Events And Training

  • ACCS Academic Signature events are held to bridge communication between academia and practice. 
  • ACCS Academic Champion program brings together a group of highly qualified Computer Science academics from different campuses worldwide to discover their aspirations which provide insights to tailor our collaboration accordingly.
  • ACCS Case Study Analysis training in entire university partner campuses provides upskilling opportunities on new digital topics found in the ACCS 2018 Professional Qualification, such as data analytics and blockchain, cybersecurity, and digital strategy. 
  • ACCS Emerging Leaders Competition for ambitious students supports university partners in their employability agenda. To view the 2018 competition held in Chicago, IL

To be part of the university partner program, you will need to be familiar with the ACCS syllabus. Once you become an ACCS university partner, you may use a specially curated ACCS syllabus in your classroom to motivate your students to pursue dual qualification awards.

Accreditation Of Higher Education Programs

Our latest approach to a partnership does not require your program to be accredited. Instead, we now offer consistent entry points proven to yield the best student success in ACCS exams. Points of entry will depend on the field of study in a degree, specifically in computer science.

Students’ Success Is Our First Priority

Students will benefit from the following because consistent entry points will provide.

  • Focus on student outcome. 
  • Improve pass rates and progression.
  • Increased confidence in technical exams.
  • Much more focused study support into one entry point.

The strategy of Assessment Changing Due To COVID19.

In these unusual times, we want to be supportive of all our University Partners. Therefore, if your strategy of assessment has been adapted to account for COVID-19, for instance, social distancing measures, etc., please forward your revised strategy to your local ACCS Account Manager for our records.

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