When you choose to study with ACCS, you choose a future full of possibilities. We are committed to your success. That is why ACCS is the number one choice for CS and IT students worldwide.

Unlock your doors to global opportunities With The Help Of ACCS.

Unlike the local typical degree program, ACCS is a “Globally Recognized” American Qualification. Monitored by the most senior faculty at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT and regularly updated with the help of top global industry leaders and hundreds of TECH geniuses to fulfill industry’s demands in its headquarter located at the Hub of Computer Science, the land of high-tech corporations, Startups, Fortune 1000 companies, venture capital investments, and the Silicon Valley. The land of innovations and Opportunities “USA.” It is one of the reasons which makes ACCS Charter holders stand out in the market.

When you study with ACCS, you can take your career in any direction. You open doors to the top and most lucrative opportunities all over the world.

ACCS qualified Computer Scientists are exceptionally higher in demand than any other skill or profession and earn high salaries from the start. Why? Because employers value the skills that an ACCS program imparts – problem-solving and analytical skills, teamwork, dynamic technical skills, and a capability to progress to each critical detail and, therefore, the immense image. While many ACCS Affiliates go on to careers in computing, the program is also an excellent starting point for business, law, medicine, and other professions.

Why Study ACCS? It is interesting, It is fun, It is inspiring, It will help you make a change in the world, It will make you have an exciting and fulfilling career.

Computer scientists make the world better

As we tend to board the digital age, most industries accept information and software programs. Computer Science & IT impacts everything, from research projects to health development, transport, banking, communications, you name it. Even objects like electronics or door lock area units currently connected to our Wi-Fi networks and assistants.

Technology has changed the world into a better, faster, and additionally connected. However, this did not happen by magic. We tend to arrive here thanks to the minds of Computer Scientists, who took their passion for technology and used it to make gadgets and computer programs that facilitate us daily.

You can be one of all those people who work on innovations that may take humanity forward.

  • Is Blockchain the future?
  • Can we tend to predict when the future massive earthquake or tidal wave will happen?
  • How can we tend to stop the next major cyber-attack?
  • Is Artificial intelligence going to have the answers to humanity’s major problems?

With an ACCS qualification, you will learn the ideas and skills you would like to answer these queries and lots of others. Technology is a component of our future, and it is up to people such as you to decide how it will impact and structure our world.

ACCS Qualification makes you stand out from the Typical local degree holders

Employers across the globe seek out ACCS qualified Computer Scientists – because they know that having a globally recognized American qualification, ACCS charter holders possess the strategic thinking, the best skills, and values to drive their organizations ahead.

ACCS qualification brings the highest lucrative Benefits on the table.

ACCS is associated with innovation and developments in computing education. This, in turn, is the key to global competitiveness. The chances for future developments are expected to be even bigger than they were in the past.

As per the research by IDC, the world information technology industry will reach $5.2 trillion in 2021. The scale of the industry is a function of lots of the trends analyzed in this report. Economies, jobs, and personal lives are becoming way more digital, more connected, and more automated. Waves of innovation build over time, powering the technology growth engine that appears to be on the cusp of another significant step forward.
Not only that, Computer Scientists can bring in some of the biggest paychecks. According to the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), the average salary for Computer Scientists was $150,000. Furthermore, the Mid-Career salary for a Computer Scientist is $200,000+.

ACCS Charter holders can take advantage of a growing field with abundant choices and an array of potentially lucrative opportunities. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), demand for computer and information technology occupations will leap significantly from 2018 to 2028. The BLS projects a 12% job growth rate in the field during that period, significantly more than all other professions. Jobs such as computer scientists boast even higher projected increases.

ACCS Qualification opens the door to many more computer science career possibilities, including software development, database administration, and computer programming. Top employers worldwide typically expect computer scientists to hold an ACCS Charter.

American Chartered Computer Scientists are fortunate to also choose different careers inside or outside the TECH sector.

Computer Scientist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

Video game Developer

Software Engineer

IT Architect

machine learning engineer

Cloud Solutions Architect

Big Data Engineer

Senior web developer

Blockchain Developer

Data Scientist

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

DevOps Engineer

Software Architect

Chief information security

User interface designer

Lead Mobile application designer or developer

Network Architect

System analyst

IT consultant

Senior Product Manager

Cyber Intelligence Analyst

Site Reliability Engineer

Database engineer

We drive change in the TECH sector – advising governments, organizations, and regulators and working with our members worldwide to push an agenda of fairness and transparency. When you are an ACCS member, you help us to shape the future of TECH and business.

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When you choose to study with ACCS, you choose a future full of possibilities. We are committed to your success. That is why ACCS is the number one choice for CS students worldwide.
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